Reel Patriot Charters

Specialty Trips

Specialty Trips

  • Customize Your Experience:

    Tell us exactly what you have in mind for your experience. We offer snorkeling, spearfishing, sunset cruises and siteseeing tours around beautiful Key West from the water. Get the most value for your charter by going on a Fishing/Snorkeling trip. The kids will love it as will you. Licenses, Snorkel Gear and Fishing equipment are all provided in the cost. The incredible marine life will amaze you.

  • Sunset Trips:

    View beautiful Key West Harbor and our spectacular sunset on a 2-hour private fish-less excursion. We will leave 1 1/2 hours prior to sunset, returning shortly after sun down. Bring your own beer, wine, snacks or soda, we'll provide the ice and water.

  • Key West Weddings:

    Details coming Soon!

  • Lobster/Snorkeling/Spearfishing:

    Want to add some variety to tonight’s dinner? You can’t get lobster any fresher than catching it yourself and bringing it to your table! Want to experience a completely different way of catching your fish? Beginner and expert alike, you will really enjoy immersing yourself in this spectacular environment and bringing home your freshly speared dinner!

  • Fishing Tournaments:

    Call for local tournament dates and charter availability. 305.747.0371

  • Super Power Boat Races:

    Come watch the exhilarating Off Shore Super Power Boats race in and out of the Key West Harbor and feel their thunder as they skim across the water only feet away from you on your very own privately chartered boat with all the amenities as VIP seats without the crowd!!!

  • Overnight & Extended Trips:

    These trips will take more coordination on everyone’s part. Call to discuss and start planning your trip.

  • Burial at Sea Services:

    Burial at Sea, also known as scattering of cremated remains (Cremains) is an ancient tradition. As far as anyone knows, this has been a practice as long as people have gone to sea. In earlier times, the body was sewn into a weighted shroud, usually of sailcloth. The body was then sent over the side, usually with an appropriate religious ceremony. For those aboard a ship during a committal service, the ceremony is both moving and memorable, giving them the chance to pay their respects to those who have served before them. Since World War II many service members, veterans, and family members have chosen to be buried at sea. There are numerous reasons for choosing a burial at sea, including love of the sea, wishes of the deceased to be put to rest in the waters of “Paradise”, nautical background or experiences, spiritual associations with the ocean and uniqueness. Continue reading...

  • Sponsor A Veteran Fishing Trip:

    Reel Patriot Charters is excited to announce a new initiative for the public to give back to our military members and veterans! Now you have the opportunity to spend the day on the water, fishing in paradise with America’s bravest Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen.
    Sponsor Veteran Fishing Trip

  • Give us a call to see what each trip has to offer, and set something up.

    Call Now: 305.747.0371

  • Consequitur, Non Excusat -- Results, Not Excuses

Charter Trips

  • - Dolphin Watch
  • - Sandbar Trips
  • - Eco Tours
  • - Snorkeling
  • - Backcountry Exploring
  • - Island Hopping
  • - Birdwatching
  • - Lobstering (During Season)
  • - Spearfishing
  • - Sunset Cruise
  • - Around Key West Sightseeing Tour

Charter Prices

  • 2.5 Hours - $375.00
  • 4 Hours - $475.00
  • 6 Hours - $675.00
  • 8 Hours - $850.00
  • Sunset (2Hours) - $300.00